LBC increased their shipping prices on October 7, 2017. The table below shows their old price, the new price and the increase.

Source to DestinationOld PriceNew PriceIncrease
NCR to NCRPHP 130PHP 140PHP 10
NCR to LuzonPHP 150PHP 160PHP 10
NCR to VisayasPHP 160PHP 180PHP 20
NCR to MindanaoPHP 160PHP 180PHP 20

Note that LBC adds P15 to the shipping price to insure your package upto P500. When we quote you the shipping fee, the price that we quote is for a declared value of P500. You can choose to fully insure your package to its full amount but you will need to pay P5 for each additional P500 insurance. the table below shows the cost of shipping a package via LBC with insurance.

Source to DestinationShipping with P500 insurance (default)Shipping with P1000 insuranceShipping with P1500 insuranceShipping with P2000 insuranceShipping with P2500 insurance
NCR to NCRPHP 155PHP 160PHP 165PHP 170PHP 175
NCR to LuzonPHP 175PHP 180PHP 185PHP 190PHP 195
NCR to VisayasPHP 195PHP 200PHP 205PHP 210PHP 215
NCR to MindanaoPHP 195PHP 200PHP 205PHP 210PHP 215

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