Fifty Shades of Grey Handcuff Bangle

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This silver plated zinc alloy handcuff bangle features a key charm and a charm engraved with the words "Fifty Shades of Grey." It is easy to open and has a secure clasp to keep the bangle closed. Diameter is 7 cm.

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2015-06-26 00:54
Since our comment section does not allow for HTML tags hence the link that we provided is not clickable. You can find ordering instructions in the "How To?" section of our top menu and then select "How to Order". Thanks.
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2015-06-26 00:52
We do not have CoD since LBC and Xend Express do not offer Cash on Delivery services to their retail clients. You will have to pay first via BPI deposit, BDO deposit, Paypal, GCash or LBC remittance. We also accept credit card payments via Paypal. For credit card payments, you credit card details will be between you and Paypal. We will not ask or see any of your credit card details. Thanks.
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2015-06-26 00:49
Please send us a private message in our facebook fanpage. Or email us at The comments section are not supposed to be used for support questions since the comment section lacks a "reply to". Thanks.
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2015-06-26 00:47

If you don't have a coupon, then leave that part blank.

We already sent you an email at 12:18am.

In case you haven't checked your email, this is what we wrote to you:

Here are instructions on how you can order via website:

Alternatively, you can order manually by providing us with the following
information (either in this mail or as a private message to our facebook

1. recipient's name
2. shipping address
3. your email (required for package status notification)
4. recipient cell # (required by courier)
5. items and quantities ordered
6. mode of payment (BPI deposit, BDO deposit, Paypal, GCash, LBC)

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2015-06-26 00:44
Can I have this COD much easier. Since my info is there. Please
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2015-06-26 00:43
Why is it so hard to order? What coupon? Can someone please assist.
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2015-06-26 00:03
I added it to my cart. What's next? When can I have it?
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2015-02-23 13:18
I want to buy this bungle. How to order?
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2015-02-12 21:56
I added it to my cart. Whats next? Hoe can i order pay and be delivrd to me?
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2015-02-12 16:42
i want this handcuff :)
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2015-02-07 21:18
I want to buy this bangle
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2015-02-02 12:45
Hi. by any chance can I make a reservation for this item?
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2015-02-02 09:38
Sold out on Feb 2, 2015. We will be restocking on the week of Feb 16 2015. Thanks.
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