General Privacy Policy

We will collect your personal information so that we can conduct online transactions. We will not divulge any of your personal information to any 3rd party.

1. On emails

We collect your email address to inform you of the status of your order ONLY. We will not share your email with any 3rd party and we will not spam your email with any marketing-related emails. We use primarily use facebook to market our products and announce events.

2. On facebook integration

Our website is integrated with facebook to allow our customers to register or create accounts with their facebook accounts. In creating an account in our site via facebook accounts, our site just extracts the name and email address of the user in facebook. These are the information that is typically collected in registering. Facebook integration makes it convenient for them to create an account in our site.

We DO NOT POST in the timelines of our clients the following activities in our site:

  • creating an account/registering
  • logging in
  • browsing products
  • creating orders
  • creating reviews (when reviews are implemented)
  • creating or adding to existing wishlists (when wishlists are implemented)
  • logging out

We only post in the timelines of our clients if they LIKED an item or product in our website. Note that we strictly comply with Facebook's policy. Even when liking a product, you will be required to CONFIRM it before it is posted to your timeline.

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