1. Click Register in the top menu.


2. In the registration page, as seen below, fill in the following fields:

a. Name (required) - Your name. Once we enable product reviews, wishlists and discussion board, other people will see your name on your posts/reviews/lists.

b. Username (required)- The username of your account. When logging in, you will be entering this username and your password.

c. Password and Verify Password - Make sure that your password is the same in these 2 fields. If not, the system will generate an error.

d. E-mail and Email Confirmation - Our system requires you to enter/use a valid email. Make sure that the email address in these 2 fields are the same. You will be required to validate your email account before your bijouxdelou account is activated. We require your email since we send order status (when an order is paid, when shipped, when completed or closed, etc) to your email account. We will not share your email information with any other party. You can read our privacy policy here.

e. Captcha - Our system ensures that only valid users are created. Please enter the number that you see in the photo.


3. Click Register to submit your registration information. Then you should see the following message displayed onscreen.


4. Check your email account and look for the email with the subject line: Account details for <your_username> at http://www.bijouxdelou.com


5. Click the link in the email to activate your account. You should get the following message after clicking the link in your email:


You can choose to keep the email since it contains your username and password to http://www.bijouxdelou.com.

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