Here are a few steps to make your measurement more accurate:

1. When measuring, keep in mind that each finger could have a different size, so don't presume that a ring that fits your left ring finger will also fit your right ring finger.

2. Measure when your hands are warm, not cold.

3. Make sure the measurement you choose easily fits over your knuckle.


How to find your ring size

1. Download and print's printable ring sizer. It offers several accurate measuring techniques to determine your ring size or the ring size of a loved one. You can see's site here.

- Note that: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view our ring sizer. Please visit to download the free software.

- Also, you will need a printer to print the instructions contained in the PDF file. Do not measure anything against your computer screen or monitor. Image viewers scale the image to fit your screen and so whatever is shown onscreen is not accurate. You need to print the PDF file to 100% its size.

2. For a sure fit, stop by a local jewelry store near you. Philippine jewelry stores use US ring size to measure ring sizes.

3. Note that:

  • a. women usually order US size 5 to US size 9
  • b. the most common size for women is US size 7
  • c. men usually order US size 8 to US size 12
  • d. the most common size for men is either a US size 9 or a US size 10
  • e. Jewelry stores in the US usuallly stock only until US size 13. Any size larger than a US size 13 usually are custom made rings.
  • f. A US size 11 is big enough to fit a male officemate of ours who is 6'2" and 250 lbs

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