1. If you have selected Paypal as your payment option. You should see it in the order confirmation page as seen below:

Also note that for orders paid via paypal, we charge a paypal payment fee that is equal to P15 plus 4.4% of the order total. the paypal payment fee is the transaction fee charged by Paypal to us retailers whenever we receive paypal payments from our clients.


2. Once you have confirmed your order, you will see the message below:


You can either wait for a bit or press the blue "Pay Now" button to get to the next screen.


3. Paypal payment gateway screen. Note that the URL to our QA server has been redacted.

Note that if you do not have a paypal account but have a credit card, you can use Paypal as your payment gateway. You can find instructions on how to pay by credit card via Paypal here.

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