You can pay by credit card by choosing the Paypal payment option. Even without a Paypal account, you can pay by credit card by using Paypal as your payment gateway. Just follow the following steps:

1. Select Paypal as your payment option


2. Check the confirmation page that the Paypal payment option was indeed seleceted.

Note that there is a Paypal payment fee because you are using Paypal's payment gateway infrastructure.


3. You will be asked to wait while you are being redirected to Paypal.


4. At the Paypal payment gateway screen, select the "Pay with my credit or debit card" section. Note that my personal email and URL of the Bijoux de Lou QA site has been redacted.

In the screen below, enter your credit or debit card details then click the Pay button.


Be advised that does not collect or keep your credit card information. Your credit card details are kept secret between you and Paypal.

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