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The ring is made of white ceramic. The band is 6mm in width and is 2mm thick. The elvish script is laser marked in the outer and inner bands. The white ceramic version is now available in limited quantities in US size 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Ceramic is light weight and extremely durable. Ceramic rings are almost as hard and scratch proof as tungsten rings (tungsten carbide rings are almost 10 times harder than steel) and not brittle at all. The color of a ceramic ring is not a coating, so even if you can scratch the ring, it will not show a different color. This makes them ideal for those who do not want to worry about re-plating their rings every so often. If your priority is a ring that will remain flawless, then buy a ceramic ring.

>Not sure of your ring size? Check this article.

List of the comments:
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2015-06-05 09:07
im size 9 here in Philippines
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2015-03-02 11:24
Still available for most sizes. Thanks.
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2015-03-02 10:53
is this still available??
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2015-02-04 00:50
Is this still available?
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2015-02-01 12:17
where and how to order this white ceramic ring? im from philippines

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